5 Tips to ROCK Your Facebook Live

Facebook Live. It’s all the rage! And it is CRUCIAL for your real estate business! You need to use Facebook Live to grow your brand, make yourself relatable, credible and leverage yourself as the expert in your community.

According to Social Media Today, people spend more time watching Facebook Live videos then videos that are not live. THREE TIMES MORE! That’s an insane difference!

I know what you’re saying…”But, Christina, I never know what to say or do! I’m so intimidated and nervous!”

I know. I get it. I am the same way. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

When I am preparing for a Facebook Live, I make sure to write down notes to refer to when I am Live. It’s a HUGE help! Plus, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get!

Today, I am going to share 5 Tips to ROCK Your Facebook Live:

  1. Host a Q & A with a member of the community – Remember, your leveraging yourself as the expert of your community…help people out! Team up with a local business owner for a 5 minute Q & A that would benefit both of you and your viewers. Could be with a local restaurant owner, a teacher from a local school, industry expert with tips for homeowners, ig: landscaper, HVAC, Interior Designer, mortgage broker, contractor, etc. Teaming up with local business owners shows your active and in touch with the community.
  2. Go Live at an Open House or House of the Week – Showcase your Open House or House of the Week by giving a Live tour of the home. This gives viewers a chance to see the interior and you can give valuable information about the home.
  3. Behind the Scenes at the Office – In the process of writing up a contract? Just finished a closing? Funny shenanigans going on in the office? Take the opportunity to go Live and show your audience all the exciting things going on in the office!
  4. Weekly Buyer & Seller Tip – Pick a day, once a week to host a Facebook Live with a tip for buyers and sellers. Alternate the weeks, so one week is a tip for a buyer, the next week is a tip for a seller.
  5. Host a FAQ – Go Live to host a FAQ. Questions that you get often. Start making a list of questions that are frequently asked and pick 2 a week to use.


  1. Plan out your Facebook Live every week and aim to do at least 2 a week.
  2. Encourage people to ask questions and make comments while you are live.
  3. Publicize going Live to your email list and your audience about an hour in advance and encourage them to Like your page to get the notification when you go Live.
  5. Don’t give up if no one tunes in the first couple of times. Stay consistent and people will start joining in.

By adding Facebook Live into your weekly social media marketing strategy, you are sharing your expertise with potential clients. You are making a name for yourself and people will remember you!

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