Bots are Bad…Mmm’Kay?


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Did you hear Mr. Mackey’s voice from South Park? You’re welcome. Now to continue with the post…

OK, so bots are bad. Not these cuties, pictured on the left, but social media bots. WHAT ARE BOTS? Before we dig into the dark world of bots, let’s find out what they are. According to Bots are algorithms acting in social media networks. But to the outside world, they look like a real user. They can come in all shapes and sizes, and they are borderline perfect. Some of them are very simple. And there are loads of services that will offer you bots, ranging from bots who will like whatever you post and fake followers to much more.

What does this mean in layman terms? Fake followers you can buy for your social media account. But, they are not real! It’s not real followers. There’s no real engagement. They are not helping your business! They are not turning followers into clients. Plus, you could be missing key engagement from true followers.

Just because you have 5,000 followers means nothing if you are not getting engagement. Facebook’s algorithms won’t push your post into follower’s NewsFeed without that precious engagement. And most importantly, it violates Facebook’s strict policy against buying likes. This policy applies to Instagram, as well, because it is owned by Facebook.

It’s fairly simple to buy “followers” and “Likes” online. I did a simple search on a common hashtag on Instagram, #followforfollow and found this:

And the posts generally looked like this:

Simply put, this is spam, at it’s finest. You’ve worked so hard on your social media strategy, do you really want to sell yourself short? Keep it ORGANIC. Yes, it takes time and commitment to develop a strong following, but in the end it pays off!

Giving and sharing is what social media is about!

Now, go out there and share with the world!

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