Let’s Get It Started…


Did your mind immediately go to The Black Eyed Peas song from the post title? If not, I’m sure the song is stuck in your head now…sorry ’bout that.

Ok, folks, let’s get this started! You are reading the official first blog post of the newly rebranded, Tracy Social Media.  For three years, TSM has been a powerhouse in the social media management industry. Like a boss, TSM has built social media sites, created content and managed businesses social media. It’s been crazy, hectic and fabulous! However, the tides have changed and it’s time to start a new revolution…

Welcome to Tracy Social Media Consulting!

It’s time to stop keeping my secrets of social media success as a closely guarded secret. It’s time to start sharing my knowledge of the industry with you.

So, I’ve been busy rebranding the company. Can I just tell you, rebranding is hard work! New logo, new website, new blog…it almost feels like a new me!

What does this mean for you, my faithful reader? It means new content! Blogs to help you renew your social media. Tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years to turn you and your company into a social media boss! Branding and getting that ROI that your business is looking for! I hope I can help you in the process.

(Shameless plug coming…) To start, make sure to check that cute little box that says “Follow Tracy Social Media”. That way, you will be the first to know the newest information that comes out.

Second, make sure to follow Tracy Social Media’s social media! I’ll always be updating with the latest information pertinent to the industry.

See how the names are highlighted for you to simply click on the link? Yeah, there’s your first tip! Always make sure to highlight your social media pages and website.

I promise, starting today, to make you, my readers, priority #1. Delivering content you can use. Now, I’ll be honest…as much as I would like to post a new blog post every day…it ain’t happen! Second tip…know your limits. I know I can deliver a strong blog every week. Not more. Not less. However, I do promise to give great content to you, every week.

In the words of The Black Eyed Peas:

Let’s get it started! Let’s get it started in here!

Step by step, like an infant new kid.
Inch by inch with the new solution.
Transmit hits, with no delusion.
The feeling’s irresistible and that’s how we movin’.

You ready?


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