The Biggest Mistake Realtors Make On Facebook

To Friend or Not To Friend…that is the question.

While I may not be quoting Shakespeare exactly, it still is an excellent question.

Are you friending every Tom, Dick, Mary & Harry that you meet? WHY???

When you blur the line between business and personal, you’re simply asking for trouble!

I hear it all the time…realtors friending everyone on Facebook that they meet. Potential clients, they say. Strangers you don’t know, I say.

Don’t use your personal Facebook account for your real estate services. Why? It lacks professionalism and you miss out on a lot of essential business features (such as the ability to run Facebook contests and check your Facebook Insights) that are available on a Facebook Business page.

Let’s talk about the 5 reasons you should keep your Facebook Business & Facebook Personal separate.

1. It’s Against Facebook Rules

It’s a violation of the Facebook Terms to use your personal account to represent something other than yourself (ex: your business), and you could permanently lose access to your account if you don’t separate it to a Business Page.

2. Reach Potential Clients

If you are posting all your real estate business and listings on your personal profile, how will potential clients find you? If someone uses the Facebook search feature and types in “Realtor, Atlanta“, your name won’t come up. Why? Because your personal profile only has your name. However, realtor Business pages will come up in the search. You’ve just given your competition a new client because they could not find you.

If someone does search your name in Facebook, your personal profile will come up. Most people will not friend someone they do not know. This potential client will only find a personal page, not a business page with contact information and will then just move on to another realtor that does have a business page.

FYI if you are thinking “OK, I’ll just add Realtor to my personal profile name and then I can be found!”, nope, not a good idea. This also is a violation of the Facebook Terms.

3. Amazing Business & Ad Capabilities

Probably one of the most convincing arguments for utilizing a business page on Facebook vs a personal account for marketing is the perceived authority that comes from having a business page.

A Facebook business page is an extension of your website and a valuable source of information for all things your business offers. It can also be a crucial avenue for customer service, testimonials and community building. You will be building rapport among followers of the page through your interactions on the page and with the customers on the page.

Plus, there are so many benefits to having a Business Page! You have the power to schedule posts, do live videos, track all your insights (reach, engagement, time of day your followers are on, etc.), and most importantly, Ads!

With Facebook advertising, you can build your database, generate appraisal leads, promote a branding video to your audience area or just get more of your target audience liking your page so that you can remain top of mind for when it comes time to find a realtor. The reach and targeting of Facebook Ads is far more sophisticated (and cheaper) than most traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads, DL cards, direct mail and display ads.

4. Stranger Danger

So, you get home from the Open House you hosted and go through your sign-in sheet. You start plugging in names to Facebook and friend everyone that was at your Open House. Hey, you’re just trying to make that personal connection, right?

Fast forward a few weeks later…you’re on your dream vacation to Hawaii and posting tons of pictures and status updates of your amazing trip! You come home a few days later to find that your house was broken into and cleaned out! After the police investigate, they find it was one of your “friends” on Facebook, whom you actually didn’t know except for that one meeting at the open house.

Look, we all hope for the best in people. However, friending strangers on Facebook is inviting them into your personal life and there simply are some people who should not be in your personal life.

5. Professionalism & Inappropriate Posts

This, by far, should be the most convincing. Posts like religion and politics, can drive people to unfriend other people on Facebook. There are instances when people find their newsfeed filled up with posts that are not significant or offensive to them. These updates may be from someone whom the person barely knows.  Instead of simply skipping these updates or posts, people may end up unfriending people posting these updates and decide not to use their services because they did not like what the person posted.

Let me tell you a story…

Several years ago, I posted in a Facebook community group, in search of suggestions for a DJ that I need for an event. A person who offered this service reached out to me and sent me a friend request. I thought it was a bit odd, but, ok, I’ll accept (BTW, I DID search & find his FB business page, which had not been updated in months. Not good.). We PM’d a couple of times about my event and his services. In the meantime, now that we were friends, I saw all his status updates. It was apparent from his posts that we did not share the same political and religious views.

Now, of course, everyone is free to have their own opinions, however, I don’t have to agree with their views. His posts were pretty annoying and offensive to me (and I don’t offend easily!). I quickly realized that not only do I not want this person to be a friend on Facebook, but his posts left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I decided not to use his services. This person lost my business because of his Facebook posts. Had he kept the relationship at a professional level, I most likely would have hired him. I’ve heard good things about his services, however, because I got a glimpse into his personal life and opinions, which for me, were just offensive and annoying, he has forever lost a client.

And don’t forget, what other people post to your Facebook can be seen by everyone you’re friends with. Do you really want potential clients to see pictures from the bachelorette party from last weekend? Not really professional, is it?

Your social media goal should be to position yourself as an expert in your business, reach new clientele, build your brand and build a community with your followers. There are soooo many reasons to keep your Facebook business separate from your personal Facebook. Keep your personal profile for your friends and family. Use your Business Page to show future clients what an amazing Realtor you are! Keep them separate and get more business! Share your expert knowledge the right way!

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  1. Amity Krause

    Hi Christina,
    Great blog post. I am a new Realtor (been active for just over 1 month). I did create a business page, however I haven’t done anything with it. My Employing Broker recommended not focusing on a business page initially. Her concern, based on past observations, is that a new Realtor may neglect nurturing their SOI because they are working so hard to get new followers etc. I can see her point. What are your thoughts? I would consider myself to be a more savvy social media user than most and think that if I am strategic, I can make both be effective. Curious your thoughts!

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