• You know that you should have a social media presence but you don’t know which platform is best for you?
  • You are struggling with keeping it consistent? Maybe one week you are full on but then you fall off the wagon again?
  • You are wondering if your social media is actually working?
  • You sit down for hours doing your social media scheduling and then, in the end, you get two or three likes?

Let’s Get It Started Social Media Training

You know you need social media. You know it’s crucial for your business. But, let’s be honest…it can be a bit daunting.You need training and a strategy that works for you! That’s where I come in! My passion is helping small business owners identify authentic methods to strategically use social media to grow and expand their businesses. Let’s work together!


With the right training you will:

  • Learn which social media platforms are right for your business.

  • Set attainable goals 

  • Create a strategy that works for YOU

  • Learn how to create content so you never have to worry about what to post.

  • Grow your social media accounts AND get extra hours back in your day.

  • Attract not only more followers, but also the ones that stick around because they are your target audience.

  • Drive traffic to your website, generate leads and sales with your Social Media.

  • Have an expert at your side to ask a question when you feel stuck or need inspiration.


What It Includes

With this package you will get 3 one-to-one video sessions with me. We discuss the perfect Social Media strategy for your business! Which platforms you should be on and you will get my secret tips and tricks for each platform!

After working with me you will have a clear vision on where to go with your Social Media, where your target audience hangs out and you will be able to grow your audience with the tips and tricks you’ve learned.

Platform Perfection Training – $497