The 80/20 Rule of Social Media


When you look back at previous social media posts, what are looking at? Is post after post self-promotion? Is it all about you, all of the time?

If so, it’s time we have a talk…

Stop for a moment and think about your dream client. Who are they? What do they do? What does your client say, do, think & feel? What are they doing on social media? What do they want to see on social media?

What is the 80/20 rule?

The 80/20 rule suggests that in order to succeed as a business on social media, 80% of the updates you post should contain non-promotional content that is valuable in other ways to your followers. It’s crucial to ALWAYS remember your audience! Make your content:

  • Entertaining
  • Emotional
  • Informative
  • Educational
  • Engaging
  • Interesting

Make it shareable. The best content is content that people want to share with their friends. Quality content is engaging and appealing.

Of course you want to establish your brand and generate leads, but not everything you post can be all about you, no matter how fabulous you and your business might be. Before you begin boasting about your brand, you want to appeal and build your audience. You want to produce content that grabs the attention and interest of your audience and influences them to engage with you.

The remaining 20% of your content is useful self-promotion.

I know what you are thinking…only 20% goes to promoting my brand? That doesn’t seem like enough.

But, it is! Here’s why:

Your audience wants to see that you care about their interests and needs if they want to invest anytime at all learning about your business. In order to build an audience, you’ll need to look for content that will appeal to them the most and share it through all of your channels. You’ll be building better trust with your audience and they’ll be more likely to look your way when you’re doing a little self-promotion.

When you’re looking to satisfy the remaining 20% of your content, still make sure that you include information that will benefit your audience, whether that including a discount, providing them with a limited-time offer or contest or providing them with useful statistics, regardless, your audience should always be in mind when sharing content.

You’re social media goal should be to show yourself off as an expert in your business, reach new clientele, build your brand and build a community with your followers. Share your expert knowledge the right way!

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