The Instagram Hack Everyone Needs


In the Social Media world, Sharing is Caring. When you find content you like, share it with your followers! That’s pretty easy for some platforms…Facebook, you click on the little “Share” button. Twitter, click on “retweet” and you’re good to go. Instagram, you…wait…

So, how do you re-share a post on Instagram, to not only add to your feed but give credit where credit is due? I used to screen shoot a post I liked, write down the original poster, go into Photos, edit, crop, go back to Instagram, set up the graphic, look and see who the original poster was, to give credit (thank goodness I wrote it down or would have totally forgotten after all these steps), and post. Whew! That was a lot!

Thankfully, I found an app that let’s me copy the posts URL and share it with my followers, while giving credit to the original poster. There are quite a few apps out there now, for this purpose, but I found Repost* to be the most reliable one out there. I’ve tried several others but those crashed quite a bit or there were extra steps needed.




I’m a stickler for good reviews and they have 5 stars

Repost allows you to scroll through your IG feed right on their app.

If I find a graphic that I want to share, I’m already there. Here’s an example of a gorgeous, fun graphic I wanted to share on my feed the other day by Junearbordesigns:

Truly, this is my mantra. Had to repost! I clicked on the 3 little dots to the right of the poster’s name and this popped up:

Click on “Copy Share URL”

“Copy to Instagram”

Choose where you want the tag at (note, if you do not want the tag, you have to upgrade to a paid account). When you hit the “Repost” button, it automatically copies the original text, formats the picture in Instagram. All you have to do is paste the text, add your own additional text or hashtags, if you wish and post like you normally would!


This has been an invaluable tool for me! Sharing is so important for engagement. When a post is shared, you receive notification and a little warm feeling in your belly. Plus, I guarantee the love will be shared one day for you.

*A note about screen shots* We’ve all been there…see a post graphic that we love, want to post it. Wellllll, I’ll just screen shot it, and post it as my own graphic…please don’t. Aside from the fact that it’s rude and tacky, you could possibly be breaking copyright laws.

Remember, always give credit where credit is due! Sharing is caring in Social Media world!

Speaking of sharing is caring…did you enjoy this post? Please feel free to share it with the world!

Until next time!

*This post is in no way affiliated with the Repost app or it’s affiliates. This is not a paid post. Just my honest consumer opinion

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