This 2-Minute Facebook-Fix is a Game Changer for Your Business


Facebook groups. They are great for meeting new people who are like-minded with you. I’m a member of several different Facebook groups. Entrepreneurs, social media, even recipes! The great thing is that I can contribute and speak with people without adding 100’s of strangers to my personal account.

Let’s say you’re chatting with someone about their business. You’re not ready to hire them, quite yet, but you want to start following their business page. You click on their name, but when their personal profile comes up (which is most likely private), there’s no information about their business. You either, A: Google their name, hunt down their website and HOPE that their Facebook Business Page is linked to the website or B: Forget about it and move on (which is what most people would do!).

Don’t let this happen to you and potentially lose business! Is your Facebook Business Page visible to the public? This is an easy 2-minute fix!

PS No comments on the bunny profile pic! 🙂

First, go to your personal page and click “Edit Profile” on the right hand side:

The editor comes up with this cute little owl. Click on “Add a Workplace”

Click “Add a Workplace” again:

Fill out your information and MOST IMPORTANT…Make sure you make it public!!

While you’re in edit mode, take another minute to add your website to your public contact information:

Once you’ve added your website, make sure to make it public:

Click “Save Changes” and you are set! This is how your private personal profile will look to others:

This is how MY personal private Facebook profile looks to others that I am not “friends” with. You can see how my business page is highlighted, so when you hover over it, it is a clickable link:

If someone clicks on “About”, there’s the website you added to the contact info!

This is an EXTREMELY easy way to give your business information to the public. You’re able to keep your personal profile private, enjoy Facebook groups and let potential clients find your business profile and gain more followers! It’s so easy!

What are you waiting for? Start sharing your information and grab more followers!

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  1. Heather

    I see so many business pages that do not do this, they miss out on shares, blog post features, sales and just plain fb interaction. This is one of my pet peeves! You must make it easy for people to find you!!! I also link my business page to my personal so everyone can see who I am!

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