Why Consistency is Key


As an entrepreneur, I hustle hard. I am working this business like nobody’s business! Constantly trying to get my name out there. As a social media consultant and expert, obviously, I hustle super hard on my social media platforms. I’m obsessed with my posts. Creating the content that goes out, curating my platforms. Making sure I am following the theme that I have set. Checking my insights, engaging, etc. But, what happens when the social media maven gets distracted?

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…I’m not perfect (shocking, I know!). I’m human.



On the other side of this company, I am a mother to 3 cherubs (well, sometimes), a wife to a kick-ass husband (sometimes, as well), a friend and a woman. Sometimes, life gets in the way and you lose focus.



In June, hubby and I took a little getaway to celebrate our anniversary. We had so much fun! When I got home, I found myself overwhelmed with other things…Kids, house, LIFE! And, for some reason, I lost my hustle mojo. From June 29 until July 12, I didn’t post anything on my Tracy Social Media social media accounts. Not Instagram, not Facebook, NOTHING.


How could I let this happen? Even writing this now, I’m pretty embarrassed. When I checked the insights on my platforms, I knew what they would say, but was still shocked. On Instagram, I LOST 53 FOLLOWERS. 53!!!! Those were potential clients! People who go through their account and unfollow those that are not posting and engaging. My website clicks went down, my profile clicks plummeted, it was a mess.

I was so disappointed in myself. The most important rule in social media is CONSISTENCY. It’s the very first thing I tell my clients. You want to market yourself? You want clients? Well, then, your social media has to be consistent. I make a living out of this message, for goodness sakes! And here I am, dropping the ball! What to do next?


I can:

A: Wallow in my sorrow of stupidity, curled on the couch, crying, while jamming Double Stuff’d Oreos (YUM!) in my mouth…

B: Pull myself out of my mojo fizz and get back to work…

Being a social media goddess (I have loads of descriptions of myself), I didn’t run to the couch, I left the Oreos at the store and reconnected myself to my business. I couldn’t let my shame cloud over my goals. Slip up? Fix it.

I started banging it out. Creating my graphics, engaging with others, WORKING. Since, July 12, when I found my mojo, I have gained 120 followers, engagement through the roof and stabilized what could have been a disaster.


If you learn nothing else from me, remember this…


When you don’t have a posting plan and commit to post regularly, you’re doing a half ass job. Commit to posting once a day. At least 5 days a week. Study your Insights. Figure out the best days and times to post. Know your audience. Engage with your audience. Posting once every week or every couple of days is not going to cut it. Social Media is one of the best marketing tools to have!

Take it from me…you can fix your mistakes. BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. Start the change, now. Commit. You’ve got this!

Now, go out there and share with the world!

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